2018 Fall Issue

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GLOSS is a quarterly publication concept that is collectively created by design students in the upper-level Publication II class at Champlain College. Each issue is entirely designed over the course of a semester. GLOSS features the best and most interesting current projects in art & design. Each issue has it’s own identity and character determined by the design team; reflecting current events, ideas, and themes. GLOSS has several sub-brands: SPOT GLOSS, responsible for the promotional pop-up events along with the envelopes and invitations for those events; ULTRA GLOSSY is responsible for designing the poster promoting the GLOSS design competition that happens every quarter.

The Fall issue explores the concept of contrast, recognizing the contrast between organic and man-made objects, materials, and space in correlation with the design and layout of the seasonal issue for, you guessed it, the one and only texture-heaven time of year: fall.

We all love shiny things…


Color Palette
The SPOT GLOSS design team was responsible for determining the color palette for the main publication. Designers were not strictly held to these parameters but were encouraged to use it as a baseline influence in order to create a sense of cohesiveness throughout the publication.

Grid & Layout

Each team member was assigned two articles to design within the publication, each article was categorized within one of 4 departments (Perspectives, Shapes, Interiors, Exhibits) unless they were uncategorized or a feature article, in which case the article exists between departments.

The publication is 9”x12” with 1” margins and 3 columns with 1.667” gutters.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 8.12.56 PM.png


Timeline: 12 weeks

The entire GLOSS Team met weekly in order to give feedback to each other on team concepts and article designs.


article design

These are my individual article designs for the publication.



The packaging concept was designed by the Print team.

Art Director: Hannah Welburn
Clare Mangan
Meg Matarazzo
Griffin Wagner
Taylor Zucco


spot gloss

Art Director: Stirling Adams
Aminta Williams
Robin Reynolds


ultra glossy

Art Director: Ben Van Cleave
Addie Laprey
Aidan Connolly
Carolyn Rohrstaff


outcome & retrospective

The purpose of this class is not only to gain experience in publication design but to collaborate within a design team (our entire team was 17 designers) and to learn how to operate appropriately as a member. Here is my personal retrospective on my contributions to the team and what I gained from the class.


Inspired by P Magazine’s 6th issue cover material, the initial concept for the cover was to create a debossed nameplate with inlaid foil that casts a variety of colors in reaction to light. This was meant as a metaphor for the changing colors of foliage in autumn considering this is the fall issue. At the same time, the shiny foil against a matte hardcover material represents the main “shiny” theme of GLOSS and creates visual contrast which was a thematic constant throughout the publication.

As I continued to iterate the cover concepts, I decided to move from multicolored foil to gold. This was to reflect the main color palette and to avoid creating a rainbow effect that doesn’t align with the theme of autumn. I continued to keep the compositions relatively minimal and spacious in order to maintain the sophistication of the GLOSS brand. The choice to list the designers on the back was to provide visual balance and, luckily, the rag of listing the designers in alphabetical order crated an interestingly organic shape. This further adds to the theme of industrial vs. organic contrast.