Orton Family Foundation

Community Heart & Soul Field Guide
2018–2019 rebrand

During my design internship with Jonathan Mikulak Design, we took on the Orton Family Foundation as a client. They needed a refresh of their field guide, a printed booklet that provides information on community building and strengthening.

The thematic facets of the branding are inclusion, collaboration, and process.




In order to supplement and inform the content of the booklet, Jonathan and I created a family of icons which promote the brand themes while allowing the reader to digest the information more easily.

created in collaboration with senior designer Jonathan Mikulak

method graphic iterations

This piece communicates a sense of building blocks that make up the foundation of a thriving community while demonstrating the capacity for continued progress following the Foundation’s help.


community analysis graphic

The Orton Foundation is made up of a vastly networked team that reaches far beyond the 6 main members.