Sole is a solo conceptual brand project I have been refining since 2016. The concept is a line of footwear that incorporates interchangeable soles for various purposes (i.e. hiking, skateboarding, and running). The brand of Sole is all about industrial elegance, where simplicity and function meet aesthetic appeal.


The use of the Josefin Slab font reflects the themes of industrial simplicity with it’s minimal letterforms and slab serifs resembling construction beams while remaining elegant with round counters and tall, thin ascenders. The mark represents a double entendre of both a clip (such as the clip mechanism that holds the sole to the shoe body) and the symbol for “infinity,” emphasizing the idea of infinite possibilities of footwear choices. The color palette of off-white, dark gray and a highlight of fresh mint keep the branding versatile but recognizable. The mint represents a more organic sensation in contrast to the mainly industrial themes and reminds the audience that this product is meant to improve their outdoor experiences. The use of subtle gradients evokes tangibility and depth in order to give the audience a sense of build-quality.


product build

There are four different shoe bodies: work boot, hiking boot, sport shoe, and casual shoe. The different soles attach to the body via a sturdy clip mechanism that allows for quick and easy changing while still being rugged and weatherproof.



The packages for Sole shoes are made of a smooth, matte, soft-touch rubber material in a casing that represents the brand themes through it’s form. The two halves of the case come apart in a way that is reminiscent of the clip mechanism used in the shoes themselves and carries on the “infinity” symbol motif.


poster campaign

The poster campaign is intentionally vague as it’s supposed to make the audience curious enough to search for and discover the product. This emphasizes the unique quality of the brand and gives the audience a sense of ownership over the product because they were able to seek it out.